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ServerCat FAQ

How does ServerCat work and will the program be installed on the server?

ServerCat uses SSH to read the Linux /proc file system directly to get the status of the system. It does not rely on any third-party tools and does not install any programs on the server.

Why can't I see the status of macOS/FreeBSD/***?

ServerCat relies on the Linux kernel's /proc subsystem for most of its data, and is temporarily unable to display all metrics on other platforms due to the lack of a similar kernel statistics mechanism.

Is my data safe?

Data is stored locally in the App Sandbox and sensitive information (keys and passwords) is stored AES-encrypted.

Is data synchronization secure?

Data syncs using Apple iCloud, and the data - which is also AES-encrypted - goes directly to the iCloud server, not through any third-party servers.

Does ServerCat need root permission

NO, We get information from /proc and docker commands, so you only need to be one of docker group.

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